Advertisement materials

As a licensed bookmaker in Bulgaria, we strive to deliver a maximum number of advertisement materials such as – links, banners and responsive texts regarding our promotions and offered markets and type of bets. Our mission is: our affiliates to be extremely satisfied, our advertisement materials to be easily accessible and the interface to the Affiliate program to be functional.

In the condition of expanding competition, we would like to make you a part of one special society and to welcome you as our eminent partner. We would like to achieve and accomplish mutual pleasure from our work, which would lead to more and more new and satisfied customers.


Banners are one of the most used creatives from online advertisement sector. They could be of great variety as per theirs: color, size, dynamics and text content.

We realize, that every unique website has its own specifications and strict individual demands, that is why we offer you a great number of banners to use the best way you want. Our common goal is to make the visitors of your website our clients and the appropriate choice of advertisement materials is the key factor for attracting new players.



Links are one of the most reliable and main advertisement tools. Sites with rich and great variety of content usually use direct links to a particular bookmaker. With the adding of special links on their sites, affiliates generate themselves more clicks and registrations.

You as our partners have the right to use all the advertisement materials, which we have provided in your partners’ accounts, in the very best way you can, depending on the targeted audience, content, and vision of your website or sites.