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In this category, you will find the most useful information regarding our Affiliate program. We kindly advise you to check regularly our site for new promotions and implementations.

About us

We are devoted to offering you good conditions, professional team and advertisement texts, and materials, which will help for the most wanted thing for a player – satisfaction. Our goal is to to provide a huge betting range in different sectors: sports, live sports, casino, live casino and virtual sports, which you as our Affiliates […]

Advertisement materials

As a licensed bookmaker in Bulgaria, we strive to deliver a maximum number of advertisement materials such as – links, banners and responsive texts regarding our promotions and offered markets and type of bets. Our mission is: our affiliates to be extremely satisfied, our advertisement materials to be easily accessible and the interface to the Affiliate […]

Opinions by Affiliates

We will be glad to hear your opinion regarding: Affiliate program, our games and bets. You as an affiliate have a huge experience in many other programs, promotions and advertisement materials. We highly appreciate your contribution and future demands and offers. Do not hesitate to share your experience with us! Our customers and their satisfaction […]

Opinions by players

When we listen to the word “players”, we think and imagine about sportsmen or player who play professionally cards. The player is the exact person who is totally aware of every product and segment for betting, which we offer on the site of www.winbet.bg We want to know where are our strong and weak aspects. […]

Favourite game/bet

Favorite game/bet This section of our site is fully dedicated to your referred players. It is of great value and importance for us to receive their opinions and comments about their favorite games and bets. We are fully aware that each customer has a specific taste and preferences to the products we have on the […]


Banners are one of the most used creatives from online advertisement sector. They could be of great variety as per theirs: color, size, dynamics and text content. We realize, that every unique website has its own specifications and strict individual demands, that is why we offer you a great number of banners to use the […]


  Links are one of the most reliable and main advertisement tools. Sites with rich and great variety of content usually use direct links to a particular bookmaker. With the adding of special links on their sites, affiliates generate themselves more clicks and registrations. You as our partners have the right to use all the […]

About you

This section is dedicated to you – our partners.  Here you will find useful information and proposals how to increase your winnings as our affiliates. We will be more than happy to receive your feedback regularly, in order to improve our services and to make our partnership more profitable.


Responsible gaming

We fully support the reasonable and responsible gambling policies. The game and the betting markets on our site are with the purpose of fun and entertainment. If at some point you or some of your referred players start losing more money than you cannot afford, please contact the below-mentioned sites which will provide you with […]