Welcome to our Affiliate program. We would be very glad if you share with us your recommendations and opinions. It is of great importance for us that you – our partners, feel comfortable and easily take advantage of all our promotions. We believe that the long-term cooperation, based on mutual trust, is the key to a successful business.

What are the main aspects we emphasize on?

  • We are recognizable and respectable online gaming operator, licensed by the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling.
  • Trust. Building and keeping the trust in a business partnership is the first and foremost condition in order to establish, develop and continue long-term relationships and to be most useful to our customers.
  • Fair play – we believe that “fair play” is the essential foundation of every game, as well as each successful partnership.
  • Variety and wide choice of advertisement materials. Our Affiliate Partners cannot promote us effectively, if they do not have access to a wide variety of promotional means, such as: advertisements, banners and specific texts, and it is our concern that such are provided.
  • Dynamic and innovative software – to trace the activity of each customer is of main importance to each Partner. The individual behavior of the player gives directions and ideas of the ways and materials to promote our products in a better way.
  • Simple and convenient way for Commission payment – we offer two ways for accessing the payments – Bank transfer and money transfer to an existing Epay.bg account.