Favourite game/bet

Favorite game/bet

This section of our site is fully dedicated to your referred players. It is of great value and importance for us to receive their opinions and comments about their favorite games and bets. We are fully aware that each customer has a specific taste and preferences to the products we have on the winbet.bg: sport, live betting, casino, live casino and virtual sports, and our goal is to constantly develop and improve these products.

Exactly what content can be found and placed here?

  • Opinions of the customers regarding our products.
  • Recommendations – feedback is of great value for us. This is a must-have connection, which will help us improve the portfolio of the games, live games, sports betting markets on the different sports and their functionalities.
  • Ideas – if you, as our partner, have certain observations on the full betting product we offer, we will be glad to hear more about them.
  • Sharing – you, as an affiliate partner, have the freedom to receive and collect customers’ requests and comments, which will be posted in this section.