1. What is the Affiliate program of winbet.bg?

This is an Affiliate program, which gives you the opportunity to get commission for every player you referred to us, as long as he/she has an active account at winbet.bg

  1. Are there any fees or taxes for applying to the program and for getting approved?

There are no taxes or fees. It is free of charge.

  1. How can I register for the Affiliate program?

Click on the registration button and start filling the Registration form. It will take several minutes to complete the form, as on the final stage you have to confirm that you agree to our Terms and conditions. After completing the required steps, you have to click the confirmation button. Your application will be processed within 5 working days.

  1. Can I use you bookmaker services simultaneously as I am an affiliate?

It is not allowed for the affiliates to use the promotional materials and codes of their partner profiles. If you wish to be a player at winbet.bg as well, you have to register a player’s account separately and directly through the registration links on our website.

  1. Is it permitted for an Affiliate to have more than one Partner account?

An Affiliate can have only one partner account.

  1. What steps should I follow if I have more than one site?

If you have two or more websites, it is not necessary to create a new affiliate account for each one of them. Just contact us and we will manually add your websites to your existing Affiliate profile.

  1. What is the Commission rate?

The commission you collect for each referred customer is 30%. In order to request a withdrawal, you need to have at least 5 players, all of which have made a turnover of at least 50 currency units during the calendar month.

  1. How is the negative balance calculated? Is it transferable for the next calendar month?

Negative and positive balances are transferable to the next month. If you have a commission of -1000 currency units in January, and by the end of February you are on +2000 currency units, the payment in the begging on March will be a total of 1000 currency units.

  1. How can I check out my balance?

As our affiliate partner, you have a 24/7 access to online statistics. Just log in with your credentials in the Partners interface, where you can regularly check your balance and the statistics of your referred players.

  1. What requirements I have to achieve in order to be a good Affiliate?

As a good partner, you are obliged to exclusively promote www.winbet.bg, using only the advertisement materials and banners, which you will find in your Affiliate account.

  1. Where can I read the Terms and conditions of the Affiliate program?

You can read our full Terms and conditions here.

  1. When is the commission paid?

The commission is paid by the 15th day of the next calendar month.

  1. What payment methods an Affiliate can use?

We offer as payment methods: Bank transfer and a transfer to an account at ePay.bg

  1. What currencies do you use for payments?

As a licensed bookmaker in Bulgaria, commission payments are added and paid in BGN and EUR.