About us

We are devoted to offering you good conditions, professional team and advertisement texts, and materials, which will help for the most wanted thing for a player – satisfaction. Our goal is to to provide a huge betting range in different sectors: sports, live sports, casino, live casino and virtual sports, which you as our Affiliates to promote online and offline.

Why should I join the Affiliate program of winbet.bg?

  • you become part of our reputable brand. As our affiliate, you have access to an interface rich of advertisement materials, which will help you to get got name in the business and gather new players.
  • you will have the opportunity to get 30% Commission for each player referred wit the advertisement materials provided by us.
  • a convenient way for payment of you Commission earned: it could be done via epay.bg account or bank transfer.
  • ability to have access to a statistical system, which will give a complete information regarding the betting activity of your customers.

Is the Affiliate program of winbet.bg free to join?

  • yes, it is completely free to join and you do not owe any taxes and fees for applying.

How I can apply for you Affiliate program?

  • click on the registration button and start fulfilling the registration form. Accomplishing of which will take you just several minutes. The final stage is to tick the box, I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Any single application is taking into personal consideration and the approval will take up to 5 business days.